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Biometrics Law 1st September 2013: Is Your School Lawful?

Monday 9th September 2013. UPDATED: Saturday 14th September 2013
The Protection of Freedoms Act 2012 came into force on 1st September 2013. What does this mean for schools?

How to Back Up your School Laptop Files...Quickly and Easily.

Sunday 8th September 2013
Don't be one of those teachers who looses EVERYTHING...!

11 Provocative Films Themed Around Technology

Tuesday 3rd September 2013. UPDATED: Saturday 31st October 2015
Which films make you stop and think about the impact of technology?

Teachers of ICT Face Job Loss...And Big Opportunities!

Tuesday 3rd September 2013
ICT is being replaced by Computer Science...

Buying Laptops or Tablets for Home Use

Saturday 31st August 2013
If you've a budget, e.g. pupil premium, and are considering spending it on computers for students, then read on...

The most annoying mistake teachers make on Twitter

Wednesday 28th August 2013
"Using the same account for both work-related tweets and personal tweets."

The Benefits of Teaching Programming....With Flash

Sunday 12th May 2013. UPDATED: Sunday 2nd June 2013
Some think Python, others VB. But don't underestimate the power of Flash!

ICT in Physics - Algodoo

Thursday 3rd January 2013. UPDATED: Sunday 19th May 2013
Amazing software to teach physics

Software - An uneven playing field?

Tuesday 1st January 2013. UPDATED: Saturday 20th June 2015
Coursework is easier to complete using certain software...

Are you still paying too much?

Sunday 30th September 2012
Do not fall for supply company scams

Blogs: A tool of the 21st Century Learner

Saturday 15th September 2012
Encouraging students to be more reflective


Saturday 15th September 2012
A Possible Evaluation Tool?

A Vision for ICT in schools

Monday 3rd September 2012
Coming to a school near you...

LittleBits: A Little Bit of Geeky Fun

Tuesday 28th August 2012. UPDATED: Saturday 21st February 2015
Littlebits, like lego for learning Electronics

Embracing Social Media

Tuesday 28th August 2012. UPDATED: Tuesday 4th September 2012
Are schools missing a trick?

Behind the Screen GCSE

Tuesday 21st August 2012. UPDATED: Wednesday 22nd August 2012
E-skills are developing a new GCSE! Here's what they're doing...

Cost Effective Web Sites

Thursday 9th August 2012
WordPress has the POWER, and it's cost-effective too.

The forceful impact of the big decisions made in 2012/2013

Wednesday 8th August 2012. UPDATED: Saturday 20th June 2015
Shaping the future...again.

Enquiry based learning - What if...?

Tuesday 7th August 2012
What if all learning was enquiry based learning?

KS4: Which course

Friday 3rd August 2012. UPDATED: Tuesday 21st August 2012
Vocational or academic...?

The Educational Value of tablet computers

Friday 3rd August 2012. UPDATED: Monday 5th August 2013
Once I wasn't convinced. Now I am.

Raspberry Pi - Is it worth it?

Friday 3rd August 2012. UPDATED: Wednesday 28th May 2014
This mini computer is making waves in the media, is it all it's cooked up to be?

ICT Mark - Is it worth it?

Friday 3rd August 2012. UPDATED: Wednesday 26th February 2014
£650 and paperwork to "celebrate success" - is it worth it...

Virtual Learning Environments: Move Over Moodle?

Friday 3rd August 2012. UPDATED: Saturday 20th June 2015
Here's the top 3

What every teacher needs to know about Facebook

Friday 3rd August 2012. UPDATED: Monday 6th August 2012
Sacrifice Facebook for sake of your career.

The Ideal KS3 Curriculum

Friday 3rd August 2012. UPDATED: Thursday 3rd January 2013
A simple overview of what KS3 could look like...

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