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Blog » 11 Provocative Films Themed Around Technology

11 Provocative Films Themed Around Technology

Tuesday 3rd September 2013. UPDATED: Saturday 31st October 2015

Please note age restrictions and copyright issues when playing films in school.

Transcendence (2014) - Cert. 12a. "A scientist's drive for artificial intelligence, takes on dangerous implications when his consciousness is uploaded into one such program." Interesting bits: The consequences of machines with 'awareness'. Even better if: The film develops the depth of the main characters and doesn't get unreal when solar panels start to heal themselves.

Her (2013) - Cert. 15. "A lonely writer develops an unlikely relationship with his newly purchased operating system that's designed to meet his every need." Interesting bits: The social acceptance of having a relationship with a computer. Even better if: It wasn't drawn out so much and explored the wider social response to such relationships.

Robot and Frank (2012) - Cert. 12A. Exploring relationships between humans and futuristic robots. Interesting bits: Being able to abuse AI and develop a relationship with technology.

Cyberbully (2011) - Cert ?. Canadian film about the impact of cyberbullying. The full version is/was available on YouTube, though unsure of how legal this is! It's slightly clichéd, though also hard-hitting. There are plenty of other short films available for teaching about e-safety and cyberbulling.

The Social Network (2010) - Cert 12a. How software ideas can make money...and enemies. Interesting bits: The stories behind tech startups. Even better if: Just be warned that it is more of a documentary than anything else.

Catfish (2010) Cert. 12A. A documentary based around meeting someone met over the Internet.

Eagle Eye (2008) - Cert 12A. Technology is used to get people to carry out tasks against their will.

Die Hard 4 (2007) - Cert. 15. Are we too dependent on technology? Could a hacker really take over a country by remotely controlling power stations and the like...?

I, Robot (2004) - Cert 12a. Implications of robots being able to "think"

The Matrix (1999) - Cert. 15. Could it be that we live virtual lives inside a computer?

The Net (1995) - Cert. 12. A film about using technology to steal someone's identity. The first action-packed movie is much better than next instalment: The Net 2.0.

Writing this also reminds me of the fantastic web site come US TV Channel 'Future States' - a series of short films exploring possible future scenarios. Some films are better than others. One that raised an interesting discussion was 'Charlie 13':


The BBC series 'The Virtual Revolution' is an excellent thoughtful three-part documentary about how technology has changed the way we live.