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Blog » A modern school built around how children learn

A modern school built around how children learn

Saturday 15th February 2014

Vittra Telefonplan, a school in Stockholm has a school that is built around how children learn. It opened in 2011. It's not just a concept, but a reality. The images of facilities around the school are fascinating.

Every student has a personal curriculum and a laptop. Teachers don't award grades, and...there are no classrooms.

The school's web site:

The design company behind it show-cases several images:

A blog post detailing the philosophy behind the design:

Another blog post about the design:

A news clip featuring the school:

A video about the learning environment: (turn on the English subtitles): (

If we embed this kind of 'culture' into children from a young age, will it ultimately result in self-motivated; independent learners?