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Blog » AQA GCSE ICT v EdExcel GCSE ICT 2014


Wednesday 28th May 2014

Having experienced delivering both qualifications this year (albeit in different schools), I can confidently assure you that in my opinion, the EdExcel GCSE is far more hassle-free than AQA. It offers a better experience for students and is academically sound. If you are looking at GCSE ICT courses from September, I strongly recommend EdExcel. Sorry, I can't comment about courses from other exam boards. And no, I don't work for EdExcel!

Michael Gove does have a point about having one examination board per subject. Can you really compare an A* in EdExcel ICT to an A* in AQA GCSE ICT? I'm unconvinced. It is also important for specifications not to change too radically too often, which makes comparing the value of GCSE ICT results very tricky.

If you'd like to look at my comparison, you can download it here.