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Blog » E-Safety Extended Learning Day

E-Safety Extended Learning Day

Tuesday 21st October 2014

I recently enjoyed spending a day with a Year 7 group to educate them about e-safety and cyber-bullying. It was fantastic to be in a school that is willing to invest in this important topic.

Despite students being a little naive to begin with, once they were challenged with the hard-hitting facts about the positives and negatives of the electronic world, they were soon taking the issues seriously.

I would thoroughly recommend any school dedicate a day to this subject. Planning is the key, as is balancing the positives with the negatives. There are many online resources to make safety messages very clear. A quick search for these resources can get you started:

  • Childnet: Jenny's Story
  • Childnet: Tom's Story
  • CEOP: Consequences
  • Joe's Story
  • BBC News Clips (related to
  • BBC News Stories (related to
  • Cyber Mentors
  • E-safety anti-bullying day resources - including links the law
  • CEOP E-Safety Games (ages 8-10, though fine for year 7)
  • Teach-ICT E-Safety Games
  • E-Safety/Anti-Cyber-Bullying Poster Competition

Key messages of the day:

  • Knowing what the dangers are
  • Avoiding the dangers
  • Identifying when something is not right
  • What to do when/if problems occur