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Blog » Fire Tech Crew for kids 9-12

Fire Tech Crew for kids 9-12

Friday 30th October 2015. UPDATED: Saturday 31st October 2015
A new kind of club for children to get creative
Fire Tech Crew Participants

Fire Tech Camp, one of the UK's leading providers of tech, code and making holiday camps, is encouraging children to try something new and exciting for 2016.

The educational start-up is introducing a weekend scheme for 9-12 year olds where they can get a taste of some of the incredible new tools and technology available to kids, hobbyists and computing professionals alike.

Members of the new “Fire Tech Crew” will spend a couple of hours every Saturday delving into the endless possibilities of today's technology, getting to grips with robotics, 3D printing, engineering with electronics, game design and coding.

Industry experts agree that coding is a future-critical skill for younger generations and areas such as robotics and 3D printing are set to become the next big thing. But with so much kit on the market and a limited number of experts to talk you through it, it can be hard for adults and children to know where to begin.

The idea behind this new club is that people in the know can guide kids through the proliferation of microcomputers and coding languages available, while giving them a tantalising taste of some of the more expensive equipment that is not often accessible at schools or at home.

Jill Hodges, Founder of Fire Tech Camp, sees this new project as part of a much longer story about encouraging independent-thinking, creativity and entrepreneurship in young people:

“In the sense that the kids get to take ownership of their projects and try lots of different things, we see the Fire Tech Crew as a 21st-century alternative to something like the Scouting Movement. But now the survival skills are for a digital age in which it is more useful to know how to code a robot or create an app than to build a fire or tie knots. Campers still get hands-on with design, modelling and engineering, except now they are doing it with 3D printers, modern materials, electronics and computer-aided design!”

Fire Tech Crew launches on Saturday 9th January 2016 at the Fab Lab in London, a maker space geared up for tech engineers and digital designers of all ages. The first term of sessions will run on Saturdays until 19th March and costs £350. All equipment and materials are provided. For more information visit