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Blog » Invest in Networked Projectors for the Future: Centralised Control

Invest in Networked Projectors for the Future: Centralised Control

Saturday 30th November 2013. UPDATED: Friday 17th January 2014

Clear communication is key in any social environment, and a great school is one that is a master of communication. I was thinking, wouldn't it be great if all of the projects in every classroom could be remotely controlled to display a bulletin or school newscasts first thing in the morning or during break times. Teachers wouldn't have the hassle of hooking up laptops to projectors to show students the latest information. Anyone wondering by can quickly glean the latest news. Better still, some could be gesture controlled!

A few searches later and I stumbled on existing solutions. This one from Benq in particular caught my eye and looks like it is worth considering.

So, the next time you are contemplating the purchase of a projector, don't just consider the running cost. Consider other possible benefits too.

I don't suppose it will be too long until:

  • Text messages are sent directly to students with the latest bulletin information.
  • Teachers or students (with permission) can connect devices wirelessly to projectors without the need for dongles.

Just remember, you saw it here first!

Whilst on the subject of projectors, if you're looking for advice then consider:

  • Short-throw are less damaging to the eye than long-throw, and reduce shadows.
  • 3LCD are superior to any other projection technique. The colours are better and they don't cause so many headaches.
  • Running cost - see how much replacement bulbs are, but also see how reliable models are
  • Future proofing - how high resolution does it support?
  • Would a large LCD screen be more suitable given the room?