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RM Job Losses

Sunday 27th October 2013. UPDATED: Saturday 20th June 2015
What caught my eye in an article by IT PRO about RM ditching it's PC hardware provisions for schools, is a comment from Simon Harbridge, CEO of Stone Group, trying to capitalise on RM's sad news about 300 job cuts:

[1] “The education market remains dynamic and is still our biggest market with increased activity and net new business from Academies and Free Schools. [2] Additionally, with changes to the curriculum in 2014, there will be greater emphasis on computing within education and in turn, a greater need for advanced PC equipment," said Harbridge.

One can't deny the first part of his statement about new business from Free Schools and Academies. But what about the second point? Do schools really need to splash out on 'advanced PC equipment' to teach the fundamentals of computer science in an engaging way? (Some high-spec kit would be nice, but is it absolutely necessary?). Money seems to be a very scare resource in some schools - spend it wisely! What is essential are development plans spanning several years.