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Blog » Software - An uneven playing field?

Software - An uneven playing field?

Tuesday 1st January 2013. UPDATED: Saturday 20th June 2015

Exam boards (at KS4) set the same tasks for every student. Though the ease at which each task can be completed can be dependent on the software being used. Here are some examples to get you thinking:

Task Nature Difficult Option Easier Option
Web sites Dreamweaver MX2004 Serif WebPlus x4 or above
Animation Flash MX2004 Serif DrawPlus X4 or above
Database Reports Access 2003 Access 2007

  • WebPlus is better than Dreamweaver for quickly dragging and dropping content - at KS4, for the nature of the tasks for which this article is intended!
  • DrawPlus makes motion tweens a breeze for basic animated advertising banners over Flash MX2004
  • Access 2007's report builder is far superior to 2003 as it is easier to delete columns and add logos.

Can you think of others?