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Blog » The Benefits of Teaching Programming....With Flash

The Benefits of Teaching Programming....With Flash

Sunday 12th May 2013. UPDATED: Sunday 2nd June 2013

For those students interested in learning programming skills, it’s great how it can be used as a vehicle for teaching English and Maths.

My Year 9 Students are presently in the process of remaking the classic game of ‘hang man’ using Adobe Flash This word game requires them to come up with an accurate list of words and clues. They also have to be careful to use the correct programming syntax.

As well as making sure that keywords are spelt correctly, the coding helps to develop problem solving and logic skills. Considering that ‘literacy’ and ‘numeracy’ are practically at the top of the teaching and learning agenda right now, programming seems to be the ideal solution…for those interested in it!

Judging by teacher discussion forums, the use of Flash as a means to teach programming is too often overlooked. ’Python’ seems to be flavour of the month, though doesn't initially offer comparable benefits to using Flash.

Flash can be used to develop many skills and as such appears to have a wider appeal. It can be used for combinations of animation, drawing and programming. Students using Flash can benefit from learning a plethora of skills and this helps to keep students interested and motivated.

Here are the practically fool-proof step-by-step instructions to creating the game!