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Top Technology For Schools

Monday 10th February 2014

In no particular order...and in brief...some of my top picks from BETT 2014:

Genee Touch LED Screens

I know what you're probably thinking. So much more expensive than projectors and liable to damage. Well I was surprised. Immensely surprised. OK, the total cost of ownership versus projectors is arguable, though when you factor in picture quality, there is no comparison. These screens are also built like tanks. Give them a jolly good wack and nothing happens! They can also be networked. Unlike projectors, there is no annoying pesky touch configuration to go through. For a long-term investment, I'd seriously consider these over projectors.


OCR are now embracing MOOCs (Massive Open Online Course). The teaching material is already and evolving depending on how well users interact with it. It supports independent learning. Fabulous!

Flow Code

A serious contender of Flowol

Classroom Monitor‎

The ultimate instant pupil tracking (tracking student progress)?

Crick: Clicker Word Processor

This Word Processor is more than it first appears. It gives students sentence starters, keywords, guesses what word will be typed next and plays back what has been typed in. This is not just a tool for those that struggle with literacy but a tool suitable for all students. It's fully compatible with Word documents too. Despite lacking a thesaurus, it is still a great piece of software.


This totally blew me away! As they state: "The world's most advanced lifelike, and interactive 3d experience." zSpace allows you to interact with 3d objects. I was taking to bits the human eye in 3d and exploring all of the parts. Amazing. Whilst you're playing about with the object, everyone else can see what you are doing on a 2d screen.


Providers of biometric solutions for registrations etc. Secure, solid solutions, though the hardware looks to be a little on the expensive side. This company provide their expertise to other resellers such as Cunninghams. You can buy direct from company if you like. Just note present legislation concerning biometrics in school.