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Thank you for visiting this app and giving it a go. I hope you will find it very useful!

Any seating plan data you enter is only on your computer. It is not sent across the internet.

Yes you can order boy/girl or put high/low ability students together. Set the column order on the 'add/edit names' screen (prioritise the columns you want to group, followed by the column you want to distribute by). Then click 'group and 'distribute' tick boxes. Finally click 'auto position'.

Please use Google Chrome for maximum compatibility. (There is a slight bug in Firefox)

Load the demo data to get an idea of what this generator can do. Video tutorial:

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Alpha Notes

This seat planner is an alpha release. This means that:


This has been tested with the following web browsers. This is not to say that it is entirely fully tested and bug-free. (It's an alpha release!)

How to use

How do I use this? Tutorial video to be released late Jan/Feb 2017).



It always starts to position people from the bottom left, but if it finds a 'chair', it looks for adjacent chairs in the order of right, up, left, down.

Do not refresh the web page. If you do, the data disappears. It's because it does not currently use 'session cookies' to remember anything.